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5 Kickboxing Styles With Muay Thai Roots

5 Kickboxing Styles With Muay Thai Roots

5 Significant Kickboxing Systems Although the beginning of kickboxing stays inaccessible and questionable, many authorities have traced its roots to the sixteenth century. During this period, combatants in Indochina were taught to use each...

Muay Thai With FBMT VP Alvaro Aguiar

Muay Thai With FBMT VP Alvaro Aguiar

Alvaro de Aguiar, current Vice President of FBMT – Bahia Muay Thai Federation and owner of AAMA – Alvaro de Aguiar Martial Arts, started boxing with his father, who took him to Kid Jofre’s gym, […]

Wai Kru Ram Muay - 8 essential facts about Muay Thai

8 Essential Facts About Muay Thai

Facts You Should Know About Muay Thai These days Muay Thai is widely known as one of the most efficient striking martial arts because of its use and popularity in MMA, yet sometimes we forget […]

muay thai stance

Essential Muay Thai Stance Techniques

Podcast by The Muay Thai Stance is your Foundation [audio [toc] Your Muay Thai stance is very important and should be the first thing you You need to get comfortable with your chosen stance before […]

Muay Thai stance southpaw stance

What Gear Do I Need For Muay Thai?

Gear For the Muay Thai Fighter Muay Thai Hand Wraps How do you Wrap Muay Thai Hand Wraps? Basic Muay Thai Hand Wrap Technique Take and put the small loop that’s at the end of […]