Head Kick for Muay Thai/MMA

Head Kick For Muay Thai

  The Muay Thai -style head/high kick is arguably the king of all striking It has caused countless KOs in Muay Thai fights and then later also in MMA, as mixed martial arts fighters noticed […]

Switch Kick technique in action

Switch Kick Technique In Action

  This video showcases the switch kick technique applications in a real Muay Thai fight by Deo ”Check Bin” Phetsangkhat, the Thai fighter who is an instructor in Fight The switch kick is thrown in […]

Axe Kick: instructional

Instructional Axe Kick

  Learn how to do the Axe kick! The power of the axe kick is devastating and the kick is usually aimed to the forehead, nose or shoulder It should only be used in certain […]

Muay Thai Front Kick: instructional video

Instructional Video Muay Thai Front Kick

  Learn the front kick/teep with Fight Check out more at our instructional martial arts platform! The front kick (”teep”) is one of the most used strikes in Muay It is used mostly to stop […]

Switch Kick: Instructional

Instructional Switch Kick

  Learn the switch The idea of a switch kick is to be able to perform a hard roundhouse from the side of your lead Switching stances enables the fighter to be in the perfect […]