Judo Know Your Own History

Judo Know Your Own History

Tell Me More About Judo Judo is currently a well-established Olympic sport practiced and trained by judokas in most countries worldwide. It is, nonetheless, more than exceeds simply being a sport. It is also...

judo exercises

7 Essential Judo Warm Ups & Exercise Routines

Get Stronger with these Judo Exercise Routines [toc] Welcome to your source for essential Judo exercises at Teach to Today we’re providing you with some Judo routines straight from a strength and conditioning coach that’s […]

common injuries in judo - judoka

4 Common Judo Injuries From Judo Throws

Introduction: What is Judo: Brief overview of the sport of judo [toc] What is Judo? The martial art of Judo is a combat sport created in Japan, and one that has gained international popularity and […]

Super Judoka Body: Does Judo Build Muscle

Super Judoka Body: Does Judo Build Muscle?

How to Build your Judoka Body [toc] Does judo build muscle? Judo builds muscle strength for all the major muscle groups combined using effective strength training programs that employ Olympic lifts based on ballistic and […]