Incredibly Simple Fitness Tests for Beginners

TTF Staff

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  1. Julian says:

    Thanks for publishing such a detailed informative article for beginners to understand the importance of fitness tests and how these should be carried out.

    To check your progress while following a fitness routine, it’s essential to measure it against a yardstick. These tests provide you a benchmark that will help you determine whether you are on a right track or not. If the tests are conducted properly and results are not Ok, it is an indication that you aren’t either following your fitness program properly or you need to shift to another fitness plan.

    And, for your benefit, don’t twist the truth to suit you i.e. if you completed 9 push-ups in a 10-push-up test, don’t mark it as a pass by justifying yourself with foul reasons. Be truthful to your self and it will help you get better by putting in more effort to pass the test next time.

    For all the beginners, I hope my sharing will help.

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