Treino de 5 Rounds para Muay Thai Kickboxing/MMA: Saco de Pancada

5 Round Kickboxing Punching Bag Workout

  Training with 5 rounds x 3 minutes boxing bag with a total time of 15 minutes (23 min calculating This structure simulates a professional Muay Thai The trainer is the champion (WMBF, WBC, Rajadamnern, […]

Muay Thai/MMA Heavy Bag Workout: Elbows

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workout Elbows

This is a 3-minute round of three different combinations that emphasize elbow The two first combinations are both set up with basic boxing punches jab-cross (“1-2”) or cross-jab (“2-1”) and finished with an elbow The […]

Boxing/MMA Heavy Bag Workout

Boxing/MMA Heavy Bag Workout

This is a 3-minute round of three different boxing Combo 1: Double Jab – Cross (1 min) Combo 2: Jab – Cross – Hook – Cross (1 min) Combo 3: Lead Body Shot – Lead […]

Muay Thai/MMA Heavy Bag Workout: Kicks

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workout Kicks

  This is a 3-minute round of three different combinations that emphasize When practicing this, it’s important to move and control the bag and know when to strike, so that the bag doesn’t move all […]

Muay Thai/MMA Heavy Bag Workout with Emphasis on Knee Strikes

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workout Knee Strikes

This is a 3-minute workout round of three different striking combinations that emphasize knee strikes: [ninja_tables id="28188"] If you have a high fitness level, do 1 minute of each combo before moving on to the […]

Muay Thai/MMA Striking Combo: Jab - Right High Kick - Left High Kick

Muay Tha Striking Combo Jab-Kicks

  This combo is a great practice drill in perfecting your ability to kick high from both Start with a stiff jab to mask the upcoming right-side As you return the punch, immediately attack from […]

Muay Thai/MMA Striking Drill: Jab-Cross-Catch Kick-Knee/Roundhouse Kick

Muay Thai Drill Jab-Cross-Catch-Kick-Kick

  This combination performed on the thai pads with a training partner is a particularly realistic drill in the sense that just as in a real fight, the opponent is not just a passive receiver […]

Striking Combo: Push Kick – Straight Knee – Diagonal Elbow

Muay Thai Push Kick-Straight Knee-Elbow

  This Muay Thai striking combination utilizes various striking techniques, working on your kicks, knees and elbow strikes and the overall ability to measure and maintain The combo starts with the push kick (in Thailand […]

Muay Thai/MMA Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Leg Kick, Uppercut

Muay Thai Combo Jab-Cross-Hook-Kick-Uppercut

  This Muay Thai/MMA striking combination feels very natural for the body to execute, as it alternates the attacks from both sides It’s a good combination of strikes also for beginners, as it doesn’t include […]