What is Grappling?

TTF Staff

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  1. Norman says:

    Why do grappling contestants start a match by sitting down or even laying down on their back and waiting for the other contestant to attack them. I know nothing about this sport but I am keen to learn more about it.

    • TTF Staff says:

      Hi Norman,

      This has to do with competition and the rules set for the grapplers to follow when they go out of bounds. For example, if the two grapplers are already on the ground and one has positioned himself into a full mount but they end up going out of bounds, they have to return to the center of the mat to restart the match… but the grapplers must return to the full mount position. Whoever was on top returns to the top position and whoever was on his back returns to that position.

      A grappling match should normally start from the standing position at the beginning of the match.

      Actual combat grappling will never be like this, there are no rules in the streets, but the techniques themselves don’t change unless someone is trying to hurt you.

      Tell us what you’d like to know more about and we’ll do our best to deliver.

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